The “View” by Clarus 

July 18, 2023

First-ever high-definition glass projection surface

There's a growing emphasis on multifunctional spaces that encourage collaboration and make optimal use of office space. Businesses are seeking highly-functional resources that disappear seamlessly into the interior design of a space - acoustic paneling disguised as wall decor, desks that adjust to sitting or standing positions with the click of a button, and meeting rooms that double as fully-equipped Zoom rooms or simple, private huddle spaces. In essence, businesses are bustling and, as a result, need innovative solutions to maximize their spaces’ functionality.

Introducing The View: Glass Whiteboard + Projector Screen Combo, by Clarus, a product set to further enhance workspace functionality.

The View is a unique addition to Clarus’s product line as it’s the first-ever to offer businesses an all-in-one meeting space solution as it serves as a high-quality glass whiteboard and a high-definition projector screen.

Whiteboard by Day, Presentation Tool by Night

In a well-lit space, such as a boardroom or collaboration space, The View serves as a clean, efficient writing surface. It’s streak-free glass is easy to interact with and is perfect for brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and creative workshops. Plus, its ultra-modern design makes it a visually striking addition to any workspace.

But when the lights dim, The View takes on a new role.

At the flip of a switch, The View transitions into a high-definition projector screen, vividly showcasing presentations.

The Viewing Experience

The View has been thoughtfully engineered to address the typical functionality and usability issues encountered in many meeting spaces. Its screen is adept at filtering out ambient light, which guarantees the clarity and visibility of projected images even in settings with bright lighting, while its broad viewing angle ensures that all participants can easily see the projected content, no matter their seating arrangement.  

As businesses continue to adapt to evolving workspace needs, products like The View are leading the way, offering flexible, multifunctional tools that cater to a range of tasks. With its launch, Clarus is once again demonstrating why they are a leader in the industry.