Meet Our Charter Partner, Data Link

July 18, 2023

Data Link: The Experts in Connecting Networks

Data Link Technology Services, LLC, is a leading full-service telecommunications company that prioritizes service and quality. Operating from its base in Arizona, Data Link excels in delivering a broad spectrum of technology solutions, with an emphasis on structured cabling and security systems.

Data Link delivers tailored solutions for “future-proof” cabling and  security systems that meet business and industry-specific requirements. Their services include voice and data cabling installation, a particular specialty in fiber optics, security system services and control support.  

They adhere to a proven project execution process. Each project is meticulously planned from inception to completion, incorporating high levels of automation, tracking, and accountability. Because their end users are always the first priority, Data Link also offers a variety of employee portals and control systems, reflecting their dedication to user accessibility and ease of operation.

Data Link's robust service definition extends to wireless infrastructure and smart home technologies, showcasing their commitment to embracing emerging trends and technologies. Their dedication to providing top-tier services is further reinforced by their standard terms and conditions, which ensure transparency and fairness in pricing.

Data Link Technology Services, LLC, is more than just a telecommunications company; they’re a reliable partner for businesses seeking to leverage technology for growth and security. Want to see Data Link in action? Book a tour now! Connect with Matt Yenter at for more information.