SnowSound USA Debuts Acoustic Soft Seating

July 18, 2023

The Latest Solution in Office Sound Cancellation

Through a combination of cutting-edge engineering, sophisticated design, and high-quality materials, Snowsound USA, an acoustics company, has debuted a range of acoustic seatings that can be seamlessly integrated into any space. Meet SnowSound’s first-ever Acoustic Soft Seating collection.  

Introducing SnowSound Acoustic Soft Seating

The new acoustic soft seating collection comprises a number of everyday seating variations, including couches, ottomans and sofas. Coined with clever names like “SnowPouf” and “Napwork,” each selection is covered in patented Snowsound-Fiber 3 Melange fabric and features internal technopolymer sound-absorbing padding, creating optimal acoustic performance.

How it Works

The porous nature of the patented fabric and materials used in the soft seating traps air particles as sound waves pass through it. These trapped particles then vibrate, converting the sound energy into heat energy. This process effectively reduces echo, reverberation, and background noise, leading to a clearer, more focused sound experience.

Where to See it for Yourself

There are a number of Snowsound USA acoustic options on display at the Southwest Experience Center. With functional pieces including everything from seamless decor to paneling and now soft seating, Snowsound grants businesses the ability to choose the perfect solution that complements their internal design and functionality goals.  

Experience SnowSound’s product line for yourself at the Southwest Experience Center. Schedule your Southwest Experience Center tour.