Friends, Family and a Fiesta! The First Southwest Experience Center Event

September 5, 2023

Thank you for joining us at our first ever event at SWXC!

We were delighted to host the recent "Friends and Family Fiesta" here at the Southwest Experience Center. It was the perfect opportunity to extend our gratitude to our exceptional contractors and partners who brought this project to fruition.

Guests were treated to an array of Mexican food, live music, infectious excitement, and, of course, impromptu tours of the new building - which ended up being the highlight of our night. Witnessing the delight on attendees' faces as they explored our partners’ innovative features and collaborative workspaces was truly gratifying.  

This building serves as a testament to our commitment to workplace innovation, showcasing the immense power of collaboration, and we take immense pride in what we have achieved thus far, recognizing the inevitable impact the Southwest Experience Center will have on revolutionizing workplaces.  

If you’d like a glimpse into the unforgettable evening, we encourage you to watch the recap video. It encapsulates the vibrant energy, camaraderie, and contagious enthusiasm that filled our "Friends and Family Fiesta."

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to each and every individual who joined us in celebrating this milestone. Together, we are shaping the future of workspaces. We’re eager for the remarkable journey that lies ahead.  

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates and groundbreaking innovations from the Southwest Experience Center!