Crestron Launches Hotelling Desk Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce

July 18, 2023

Essential Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce

In a significant development in the world of workspace technology, Crestron, a leading provider of workplace technology solutions and SWXC vendor, has unveiled an array of new products designed to enhance workflow for both hybrid and in-office workforces:  

  • Crestron Desk Q and Desk Touch
  • Crestron Flex Pods

Crestron Desk Q and Crestron Desk Touch

The Crestron Desk Q is compactly designed with QR-code-based reservations, making it perfect for “in-and-out spaces,” such as community workstations, shared meeting rooms, hot desks, and hotel spaces. The Crestron Desk Touch is designed with a sophisticated touch screen scheduling panel, making it suitable for semi-private offices, cubicles, and even standing workspaces.

Crestron Flex Pods

Given the importance of clear audibility in hybrid meetings, the Crestron Flex Pods ensure that both remote and in-person participants can communicate effectively. The Crestron Flex Pods simplify the task of integrating high-quality audio into hybrid meeting spaces by bringing the audio to all corners of the room through portable, compact speakers. By connecting to the room's AV equipment, the Crestron Flex Pods wirelessly communicate with up to four additional Crestron Flex Pods placed around the room. Now, hybrid workforces can operate more efficiently - hosting meetings without relying on fixed ceiling microphones or speakers or rearranging the room layout.  

Today, all hybrid meeting spaces need access to superior audio and video quality, as well as a user-friendly meeting interface. Whether it's a huddle room, boardroom, training facility, or auditorium, tailored solutions are required to optimize different types of meetings or events.

You can experience Crestron’s vast business solutions at the Southwest Experience Center, a workspace solution showroom. The Crestron products on display at the Southwest Experience Center are reshaping the professional world, with solutions set to improve daily workplace tasks.